Take almost impossible photos by turning
your camera into a high-speed capture device!

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Smartphone Controllable High-Speed Camera Trigger

MIOPS is a standalone camera trigger that turns your camera or flash unit into high-speed photography equipment. The trigger signals your camera to take a picture when it detects certain sights or sounds. It helps photographers to take pictures of high-speed events that are almost impossible to capture when relying on human reflexes alone.

Catch Anything on Camera, Even a Lightning Strike

Sound Trigger Allows for Easy High-Speed Photography

Use a Laser Beam to Stop the Motion

Trigger Amazing High Dynamic Range Photos

The MIOPS Smart Trigger is many things you’d want in a photography accessory; small, rugged, and multipurpose camera trigger... I will use MIOPS Smart all the time!

Tim Gilbreath, DPS - Digital Photography School

The fun part of high speed photography is you never get the same shot twice, but with the MIOPS Smart Trigger you will never miss that perfect shot.

Laya Gerlock, PetaPixel

Unlike most camera trigger apps, MIOPS’ mobile software lets you set up capture scenarios that only take pictures under very specific conditions.

Jon Fingas, Engadget

 I finally got my trigger and this thing is AMAZING!!... If you are on the fence about spending the money on this thing, just do it you won't regret the purchase 


Great little trigger with so many ways to trigger it. I've only begun to have fun with it.

Donald Valentine

Great little tool. Used it for fireworks New Years eve and I was impressed with the range and performance... It is very well thought out to operate with simplicity. So far so good.

Chad L. Wilkenon

If you're looking for a camera trigger that is easy to use but loaded with options, you've found it. Stop looking. This is the one you want.


This device is easy to use and has added hours of photo experiments and fun to my photography


I love this trigger! you can do so much stuff with it !! the only con is that doesn't have a motion sensor, but it can be trigger with a laser with is really cool!

Diego Camargoon

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MIOPS has successfully launched 3 products using Kickstarter. Over 5,000 people from over 70 countries around the world have already received their MIOPS.

Production is complete, and you too can order MIOPS today!


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The easiest way to capture lightning strikes

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Stop the motion when the laser beam is broken

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High-speed photography is a piece of cake with Sound Trigger mode!

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Create breathtaking time-lapse sequences

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Combine multiple sensors for specific scenarios

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Designed by photographers, for photographers


MIOPS is a crowd-funded camera equipment company specializing in camera triggers and camera remotes. The company has brought three different innovative solutions to the market using Kickstarter. The company's team of photographers, designers, and engineers are constantly looking for new solutions to problems photographers experience.

MIOPS Smart Trigger is the first of these solutions available for mass distribution. After breezing past their funding goal to raise nearly $400K on Kickstarter, MIOPS is making their product available to photographers everywhere using the Jellop Early Adopters platform.


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