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MIOPS Splash

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Capture amazing water drop photos by configuring the release of drops of water to sync with your flash or camera! MIOPS Splash is a stand-alone gadget for water drop photography, which allows for complete wireless operation using Bluetooth connectivity, with a dedicated mobile app that allows you to adjust settings and trigger shots directly from your smartphone! The unit can dispense a single drop for a simpler shot or two drops in quick succession for a splashing effect.

      • Stand-alone device for water drop photography
      • Wireless control via iOS/Android mobile app, uses Bluetooth for connection
      • Releases one or two drops and allows you to adjust drop size, camera/flash timing, and the interval between drops
      • Syncs to any flash with a PC slot via included cable
      • Syncs to camera with separately available cables, which go on the Splash's 2.5mm jack
      • Free 2-day DHL Shipping Worldwide!
      • Two-year warranty
      • Money-back guarantee
      • Includes holder specifically designed for MIOPS Splash
      • Connectivity - 2.5 mm jack for camera connection, 3.5 mm jack for flash connection, Bluetooth 4.0
      • Battery - 1 x 23 A alkaline battery, 12 VDC
      • Dimensions - 6.7 x 1.25" / 17 x 3.2 cm

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