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MIOPS Smart Expert Pack - SAVE OVER $60!

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Get the ULTIMATE MIOPS expert pack! Take almost impossible photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device with the MIOPS Smart Trigger. Get the MIOPS Smart, along with the MIOPS Splash, the ultimate gadget for water drop photography, plus all the accessories you need -  the Splash Holder Kit, a camera cable, an extension cable, a flash adapter and a battery, for a total value of over $440! Save over $60 on the pack!

      • MIOPS Smart Trigger
      • MIOPS Splash
      • Splash Holder Kit
      • Battery
      • Camera Cable
      • Extension Cable (2.5mm Male-Female)
      • Flash Adapter
      • Free 2-day DHL Shipping Worldwide!
      • Over 5,000 backers pledged $1.2M to bring this product to life on Kickstarter
      • Two-year warranty
      • Money-back guarantee

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